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National high school tournament? Sure, why not?

Baseball at the high school level follows the same script as every other high school sport; every team progresses through a regular season, then competes in a regional-type tournament.

Winners continue to advance until they eventually reach the state tournament, where one team will be crowned the state champion. That’s the end of it. Season’s over.

Wouldn’t even more progression to, say, a national tournament be quite intriguing? Wouldn’t you like to see how the Illinois state champion fares among the rest of the country?

The state title would still be quite an accomplishment, but competing for a national title would raise every experience to a whole new level.

Wins become more exciting. Losses become more devastating. Each hit by BBCOR bat and strikeout is that much more of a contribution. It’s a whole new ballgame.

So why isn’t there a national tournament? Little league baseball does it. Obviously college does it. Why not the middle level? Sure, there are national tournaments composed of travel teams, but that certainly isn’t as exciting as a high school tournament.

The idea is simple: each state tournament champion advances to the national tournament. It could even take place during the summer, so that it wouldn’t interfere with school. Locations with multiple diamonds do exist; play multiple games at once, all throughout the day.

Alright, so it isn’t as simple as that, but it can be done. Any and every option and solution should be explored to advance the idea.

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